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Are you looking to find out the value of a flat or premises before putting it up for sale? Our advisors are at your disposal to carry out an estimate of your property.

two solutions to have your property estimated:

1st solution: The online pre-estimate
Via the form below: Simple and fast, in less than two minutes you will receive this estimate by email,
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2nd solution: The estimate appointment
Whether your real estate project is immediate or long term, nothing is more effective than the opinion of a real estate expert.
In order to benefit from it you can ask for an appointment by email: or by phone.

How it works

Howit's a good idea

All our estimates are free, confidential and without obligation. Whatever your project, whether short, medium or long term, it is essential to know the exact value of your assets and to follow its evolution over time. This is why we are committed to creating a lasting relationship of trust with your advisor.

The reason

Why carry out anan estimate?

With De Ferla, you will be supported at every stage of your project. Our agents are at your side to give you the best advice and help you make the right decisions at the right time. In order to provide you with the best possible service, our agents will keep you regularly informed of developments in the property market and their possible impact on your assets.